Ri Lindegren


Ri Lindegren is currently pursuing an M.F.A. in Dance and Interdisciplinary Digital Media and Performance at Arizona State University after many years working, filming, and dancing in New York City. Ri's past pursuits included a B.A. in Anthropology/International Studies/Gender Studies at New College of Florida and dancing in works by Liz Bergman, Jennifer Archibald, Dale Andree, Peter G. Kalivas, Pavan Thimmaiah, Deborah Lohse, Leymis Bolaños-Wilmott, and Erin Fletcher.

Ri was honored to be in the company of BABEL Acrobatic Dance Theater for three years, and maintains New York City ties as part of the Leadership Team of Aunt Karen's Farm, an intergenerational, interdisciplinary artist residency and retreat center in upstate New York.

Ri has choreographed, performed, and presented work at Dance on Camera Moderated Screenings Lab, Abrons Arts Center, Triskelion Arts Center, The Yard, Built on Stilts, Martha's Vineyard Performing Arts Center, The Creator's Collective, Mark Morris Dance Center, Gibney Dance Center, the University of South Florida, New College of Florida, and Realize Bradenton.

In the dance, film, design, and administrative worlds, Ri has worked with, for, and alongside numerous organizations including Aubin Pictures, Nona Hendryx, Dance Enthusiast Magazine, Hunter College, Convergences Theater Collective, Spellbound Theatre, Americorps, Gibney Dance Center, The Yard, Urban Bush Women, BODYART Dance Company, Sarasota Contemporary Dance Company, and MADRE, Inc.

Through the M.F.A. program, Ri looks forward to becoming closer with MAX/MSP and new technologies, continuing to make dance films, and further investigating the worlds of digital culture, somatics, postmodern, house, vogue, popping, physical theater, clowning, site-specific works, and dance education.

Current research includes the commodification of self through the lens of technology, somatic prototyping, phenomenological experience, generative somatics, media installation, and narratives of resilience in comedic dance film.



As an artist stitching together the fields of dance, film, and arts and media engineering at Arizona State University, the flipbook of my research interests have broad aesthetic sensibilities. I am intrigued by the possibilities of timelapse fantasy transfiguration worlds blending fabric sculpture, animation, and motion; lush movement landscapes in site-specific work; surveillance technology as a means to to document injustice; surrealism, comedy, and narrative storytelling; and the manipulation of time, space, and geographic choreography in immersive theater. If I could distill these artistic snapshots into an essence, it would exude an array of interactive sensory experiences that would engage audiences in broadening their perspectives, engaging boldly with the world around them, and finding community in difference. My interest in performance and media arts stems from a desire to create intellectually-engaged art that reflects the many microcosms existence, gives voice to underrepresented struggles, and fabricates imagined worlds of fiction and survival embodied through movement and the digital lens.

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Latest Dance Film: immersion (2018)

Promotional and Dance Film Portfolio (2015-2018)

Promotional Video Portfolio for BODYART Dance Company (2014-2015)

DanceTheRoof (2016)