Hey Dancers,

House Dance International was filmed by myself (Ri Lindegren) this year as a favor to ensure that the incredible array of performers (YOU) who competed had their moments documented. It was an honor to be around your energy and talent and I was deeply inspired by your dedication and passion for movement. As a fellow dancer, I understand how important it is to have crucial dance moments documented and it's something that I value highly as a freelance videographer. However, since there was no payment involved, and because artists should be paid for their work, I am asking a small donation of at least $20 per video clip (3 minutes max). This covers trimming the video to your specific moment in the spotlight, audio fade in and out, opening credits with HDI's logo, the category, your name, and the date, and also helps cover the 6+ hours of filming that I did for free (which would usually be at least $500 for an event like this, just to film, not including edits). 

I believe in making dance accessible, so if $20 is beyond your price range, I'm open to bartering, especially if you live in the city - dance lessons, pilates, conditioning, food, drinks - you name it I'm sure we can work something out. Just send an email to elinddance [at] gmail.com with skills/barter options and your video requests (name, category, timecode). 

All files will be sent via WeTransfer or Dropbox as .mov or .mp4 formats. If you have a preference let me know. 

Keep up the love and please keep dancing,


While watching, PLEASE NOTE THE TIMECODE (10:35, 30:26, 37:47 etc) because I will need this info to know what to edit for your video.

Premliminaries for HDI July 16, 2017

Finals for HDI July 17, 2017

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Please send payments to: elinddance@gmail.com (Paypal) Ri Lindegren (Venmo) The video will be sent after payment has processed.
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