E.lind Dance & Videography is one part dance maker and one part video designer. In all aspects of process and production, E.lind Dance seeks to collaborate with videographers, musicians, artists, dancers, choreographers, scientists, singers, and dreamers alike. As a a collaborator and an artist, E.lind Dance aims to create original work that connects people - to new ideas, people, and places - and to create work that transforms spaces and breaks, expands, or transcends preconceived notions of what something was or should be.

Prior collaborations include:

* Choreographing a hip hop ballet based on a 100 year old yiddish text under the direction of Andrew Simon that premiered at Abrons Arts Center in New York City

* Producing two multimedia contemporary dance video pieces performed live with indie-rock band The Soon-Another, in collaboration with Adele Fournet

* An impromptu video shoot and vogue tutorial on a rooftop in Queens

* Creating space to dance and draw with 50 feet of butcher paper attached to a brick wall with buckets of paint underneath as part of a community arts festival

* Directing and choreographing a contemporary dance video on small rural farm in Sarasota, FL

* Capturing and engaging in spontaneous acts dancing in public spaces: parks, rooftops, gardens, abandoned buildings, parking garages, warehouses, beaches

* Creating hula hoop and dance playspaces during street festivals


If you are interested in collaborating with E.lind Dance please email elinddance@gmail.com