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Elind Dance Videography provides professional performance documentation AND supportS social justice and community building endeavors.


Elind Dance Videography is a New York City-based umbrella project of freelance videographer, editor, dance theater artist, choreographer, and media aficionado Ri Lindegren. Utilizing the powers of 4K and 2K in a completely run-in-gun portable setup that can go anywhere, Ri offers professional videography and photography for individuals and organizations seeking to document their artistic vision in an accessible and affordable way.  Ri also offers exceptional editing services if you have footage you need magicked together to create your next reel, promo video, evening-length performance documentation, or multimedia backdrop.



Photo courtesy of Ashley Jacklyn

Through Elind Dance Videography, Ri also collaborates with numerous multimedia, movement, visual, and sound artists. Current collaborators include Emie HughesAdele Fournet/The Soon-Another, and The Seven Ravens Project. Ri has choreographed, performed, and presented work at Abrons Arts Center, Triskelion Arts Center, The Yard, Built on Stilts, Martha's Vineyard Performing Arts Center, The Creator's Collective, Mark Morris Dance Center, Gibney Dance Center, the University of South Florida, New College of Florida, Realize Bradenton, and numerous venues throughout New York City and Sarasota, Florida.

Check out Aunt Karen's Farm and  #DanceTheRoof for upcoming community-building projects.

In the videography and administrative worlds, Ri has worked with, for, and alongside numerous organizations including Aubin Pictures, Dance Enthusiast Magazine, Hunter College, Convergences Theater Collective, Spellbound Theatre, Americorps, Gibney Dance Center, The Yard, Urban Bush Women, BODYART Dance Company, Sarasota Contemporary Dance Company, and MADRE,Inc. 

Professional performance documentation has included numerous dance and theater companies such as The Seven Ravens Project, Natalie Johnson Dance, BABEL Acrobatic Dance Theater, LanDforms, Malpaso Dance Company, Ron K. Brown/EVIDENCE: A Dance Company, Paul Taylor 2, Kimberly Barosik/daela, Trainor Dance, Dorrance Dance, The Bang Group, and Lucky Plush Productions.


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